Bathyscaphe Sea Wolf

Trip on the Bathyscaphe Sea Wolf in Hurghada
3 hours

Trip on the Bathyscaphe Sea Wolf – 3 hours of interesting researching under water Red Sea.

Unique features of trip on the Bathyscaphe Sea Wolf

  1. During the trip you will see the famous coral garden of Giftun Island.
  2. Every person will have a rotating stool.
  3. Bathyscaphe has 24 panoramic side windows, air conditioner, 2 toilet rooms, bar, 4 LCD screens.
  4. 1 hour observing the marine life.
  5. Snorkelling is available during 2 stops.
  6. The lower deck is 3-4 meters under water.


  1. Hello,
    for a group of 10 or more people offer a discount?

  2. Dobrý den, měla bych zájem o tento výlet, jsem jeden dospělý a dvě děti. Chtěla jsem se zeptat, zda je součástí výletu i občerstvení. Děkuju Dušilová

    1. Hello, food not included

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