Luxor 1 Day

Luxor from Hurghada - Osheen Tours
tu, th, su
4:30 - 22:00
1 day

Passport, comfortable shoes, lanch, drinks.

Tour Luxor from Hurghada – most popular touristical trip during the year. Luxor is a home for numbers of temples, monuments and burial  grounds which are located in and around the city. Luxor is a most popular touristical place in Egypt after the Pyramids, attraction and a base to explore Pharaonic times.

Program Luxor includes

  • Karnak Temple: One of the greatest monuments in Egypt, and it’s said that the Luxor and Karnak temples were constructed by an avenue of some 2000 sphinxes.
  • Valley of the Queens: There are some eight tombs of royal children, queens and high officials; however most part has not been revived during the excavation.
  • Nile by boat.
  • Colossi of Memnon.
  • Hatshepsut Temple.
  • Lunch (without drink).

On request visit to Valley of the Kings +10€.

Transfer car from Sahl Hashish – 25€, from El Gouna – 30€. Cost of transfer car collects summary from all passengers in the same parts.

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