Grand Aquarium

Visit Grandaquarium in Hurghada with KarexTours

Grand Aquarium: Whether it’s a summer or winter you’ve got experiences you’ll never forget! Come and visit us!

Hurghada Grand Aquarium opens the window into a whole new world of marine life in Hurghada.
Discover the vibrant underwater life of the Red Sea at Hurghada Grand Aquarium, a spacious zoo and aquarium housing hundreds of sea and freshwater species. Strolling the underwater tunnels you can admire a variety of sharks, turtles, stingrays, and other residents of the Red Sea swimming in large marine tanks. Accompanied by a knowledgeable staff member, you can acquaint yourself with the diverse range of colorful fish, marine mammals, and other animals from the region. Afterwards you can visit the mini-zoo, home to a variety of birds, snakes, and monkeys, or enjoy a refreshing drink at the cafe.

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